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British preacher Abu Hamza guilty on US terror charges

Judge Katherine Forrest will return to the Manhattan courtroom on 9 September…

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Egyptians protest in Libya

Protesters demanded Egyptian authorities hand over Ahmed Qaddaf al-Dam, cousin of slain…

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Egypt court rules against handing Kadhafi cousin to Libya

The administrative court said Qaddaf al-Dam was under investigation for alleged crimes…

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Libyan prisoners to be extradited

Two former officials in Muammar Gaddafi’s regime are extradited to Libya for…

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Libyan delegation in Cairo

Amid tension between Tripoli and Cairo, a Libyan judicial delegation arrives in…

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Spain refuses extradition of Mubarak’s right-hand man

High Spanish court says Egypt cannot be trusted to treat Mubarak-era businessman…

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Don’t shoot the messenger: Assange speaks

Assange speaks as UK-Ecuador diplomatic row continues

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Tunisia extradites former Libyan prime minister

Libyan PM extradition from Tunisia faces criticism

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