Mahmoud Al-Khudairi released on bail

Judges seen as abusing power to stymie criticism

Liliana Mihaila Liliana Mihaila

Human rights NGOs barred and boycotted EU discussions

Ministry of Foreign Affairs blamed for intervening

Luiz Sanchez Luiz Sanchez

Torture since the revolution

Torture under Mubarak, continuing under Morsy?

Adham Roshdy Adham Roshdy

Charges dropped against Coptic boys

Nine and ten year old will not stand trial for contempt of…

Basil El-Dabh Basil El-Dabh

Rights groups condemn government for Maspero inaction

EIPR releases report detailing government failure to reduce sectarian tension

Basil El-Dabh Basil El-Dabh

EIPR accuses Meit Ghamr chief of pressuring victims’ families

The human rights organisation filed a report requesting official protection for the…

Rana Muhammad Taha Rana Muhammad Taha

Morsy appoints emergency court judges

Rights group says 3,000 appointments are illegal

Connor Molloy Connor Molloy