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‘I could no longer live in Syria’

Syrian refugee Alaa Houd left his job and family and hired people smugglers to make his way to the wealthy countries of Western Europe. Hiring people smugglers was his only way of leaving war-torn Syria. DW reporter Diana Hodali spoke with Syrian Alaa Houd and recounted his story for him.

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14 die in Damascus shelling, new presidential hopefuls named

AFP-  At least 14 people were killed on Monday in a rebel mortar attack on Syria’s capital Damascus, as four new candidates registered to run in next month’s presidential vote. The new candidates bring the number of people hoping to compete in the 3 June election to 11, including incumbent President Bashar Al-Assad. Shortly before …

Daily News Egypt

Mortar fire on Syria schools kills child, hurts 40: Media

AFP – Mortar rounds fired on schools in the Syrian capital on Tuesday killed a child and wounded more than 40 people, among them more children, state media said. Rebels fighting to oust President Bashar Al-Assad hold some territory on the outskirts of Damascus from which they have regularly launched mortar and rocket attacks targeting …

Daily News Egypt

One dead as pro-, anti-Damascus gunmen clash in Beirut

AFP – A firefight between pro- and anti-Damascus factions in Beirut killed one gunman and wounded 13 Sunday, a security official said, in the latest spillover of the conflict in neighbouring Syria. The gun battle raged from 3am to 8.30am (0100 to 0630 GMT) in a poor Sunni Muslim district in the south of the …

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