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New SCAF v Old Islamists

By Nervana Mahmoud It’s hard to absorb all of the events that…

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Revolutionary Socialist students remember Abbassiya

One year since the deadly clashes outside the Ministry of Defence has…

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

Port Said Director of security replaced

Top security official replaced by the deputy police chief of Port Said…

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

Who bears the cost of increased security—Banks or private firms?

Banks have already doubled the value of their contracts with the Ministry…

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Photo Gallery: Egypt revisited by turmoil

Since the 2011 Revolution, Egyptians have become familiar with outbursts of violence…

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Morsy opts for law enforcement, not inevitable reform

The Ultras’ battle is a battle for karama, or dignity

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Relative calm in Canal region

A relatively calm day in Suez, Ismailia and Port Said after four…

Nouran El-Behairy Nouran El-Behairy

Football tournament to be held in front of Itihadiya Palace

Organizers say the matches are meant to “express solidarity with the canal…

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Conjuring the demon

Morsy, you are now face to face with those who have lost…

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