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Google, American Research Center join forces to preserve Egypt’s layered history

In a celebration of Egyptian Archaeologists Day, Google Arts and Culture and

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Culture Ministry to livestream 6 concerts on YouTube on 14-16 January

Programme to include documentary films about iconic Egyptian actors Mahmoud Yassin, Laila

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Art D’Égypte organises Pyramids tour for school children to improve cultural awareness

Art D'Égypte , which specialises in organising art and cultural exhibitions, has

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‘Kefaya Plastic’ online campaign raises awareness on plastic pollution

“Kefaya Plastic” (Enough Plastic) is an online campaign that aims to raise

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Cima Masr: project reviving cinema’s culture awareness

Cima Masr is a project that aims to establish a large number

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Just how is too much? Provocative moments in culture in 2018

In times of political turmoil, the cultural scene also aims to take

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Thai embassy organises cooking experience for Egyptians to promote its cuisine

One of Thai government’s main strategies is to globally raise awareness of

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Egypt’s upcoming spending priorities are for education, health, culture

Expenditure on education, vocational training will be tax-exempt

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Egyptian woman seeks to preserve Egyptian identity, culture

Egyptian culture is distinguished by its diversity and inclusion of diverse heritages,

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The diaries of women living alone

I’m always looked at as a prostitute who escaped her parent’s control

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