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Government capable of meeting market needs for coins: Finance Ministry

Over EGP 1m in coins are produced per day, EGP 30m delivered

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Egypt hands over 100 smuggled antique coins to China, India, and Saudi Arabia

Egypt seeks to preserve heritage of whole world: Al-Anani

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Egyptian authorities seize 72 ancient coins during a smuggling attempt 

Coins date back to Greco-roman era and Muhammad Ali Pasha era

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Fake bullion coins spread in Egypt’s gold market

90% of gold bullion coins traded in Egypt are not incompatible with

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Finance Ministry tests machine which exchanges banknotes to coins

Mint Authority previously announced issuance of coins which bear images of major

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Finance Ministry to issue commemorative coins documenting national achievements

Egypt’s Ministry of Finance intends to issue coins of EGP 1 and

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EU minting more coins for a cashless world

Even though a lot of the world is headed toward cashless payment,

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