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 Eid El-Solh: Siwa’s annual celebration of peace

 Last week, Siwa’s citizens gathered in “Eid El-Solh” (the reconciliation festival), a…

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What do experts think about celebrations in front of polling stations?

Scenes of women dancing in front of polling stations became common during…

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Al-Sisi call for tolerance during prophet birthday celebration 

President further discussed renewal of religious discourse

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Egypt’s local amusement parks: working class  children’s source of happiness in Eid

Days before the Eid starts, people start classifying the parks which differ…

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Al-Sisi meets armed forces on 44th celebration of 6th of October War

Ministers of defence and military production accompany the president during visit of…

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“The Seven Seeds”: a photo book states the evolution of Egyptian baby shower

The project documents the celebration from the pharaonic legends up to the…

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In Pictures: Al-Refa’i’ followers celebrate his birth in Qal’a

To celebrate the birth of the revered Sufi Ahmed Al-Refa'i, the founder…

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Aarhus puts Viking twist on European Capital of Culture celebration

If you're looking for warm-blooded Danes, look no further: Residents and visitors…

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In Video: The Nubian world day celebration

https://youtu.be/nMssSSLxxBE   Video by Asmaa Gamal

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In Pictures: Egypt celebrates New Year with joy and spirituality

  While the rest of the world celebrated the New Year with…

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