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Op-ed review: civil opposition under fire after calling for election boycott

For several days, the media has been slamming civil opposition formed of political groups and figures, including former presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabahi and Khaled Ali, after they launched a campaign calling for boycotting the upcoming presidential election. Such criticism was further reflected in op-eds published in Sunday’s newspapers, occasionally putting civil forces and the outlawed …

Amira El-Fekki

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As Egypt votes, many to boycott elections in Cairo

Egyptians are electing their first parliament since the 2013 coup that overthrew President Morsi. But, Naomi Conrad reports from Cairo, amid a climate of intimidation and repression, many are boycotting the elections. In the grimy, dimly lit hallway of a crumbling building in downtown Cairo, someone has painted a huge red star on the wall …

Deutsche Welle


In Pictures: Turnout threatens to mar Sisi win

AFP – Egypt was wrapping up a presidential election Tuesday with fears of a low turnout threatening to cloud the expected victory of the ex-army chief who toppled its first freely elected leader. As polls opened for the second and final day of voting, authorities announced that they were declaring a public holiday and extending …

Daily News Egypt

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Islamists boycott Algeria vote as North African tide turns

AFP – Algeria’s Islamists – once the country’s leading political force – are boycotting this month’s presidential election, chastened by recent poor performances at the polls and setbacks for ideological soulmates across North Africa. The three main moderate Islamist parties have forged an unlikely alliance with the fiercely secularist Rally for Culture and Democracy to …

Daily News Egypt