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Book exports deprived of financial subsidies: head of ECBA

One of the biggest challenges that the publishing industry in Egypt is…

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Rare book that describes Egypt to be auctioned at Christie’s

A rare authentic book, Description of Egypt, is to be auctioned at…

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New book unveils secret memoirs from Naguib Mahfouz’s life

A new book about the prominent late Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz, Days…

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New book reveals secrets of late Mohamed Naguib’s life 

“Al-Gomhoreya” reveals hidden secrets for the first time about Naguib’s short-lived presidency

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Wrap-up of 2017 Cairo International Book Fair’s latest novels 

The fair offers the audience 670 publications fiercely competing in various genres

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“The Egg Man:” Egypt’s first philosophical comic book blends sarcasm and realism

"Heroes who exist nowadays are considered new kinds of drugs or narcotics,…

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The Hole

The author, Adel El-Agwany, is a psychiatrist. This piece of information may…

Nouran Maamoun Nouran Maamoun

Bringing Egyptian travel literature back on track with unadulterated sarcasm and irony

Zaki chose ''Embaba'' in particular to symbolise low-income neighbourhoods in Egypt and…

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The Shadow of the Wind: The mystery of a book within a book

The story takes place in Barcelona, Spain where Daniel, 10, is taken…

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A journey to ‘Bab Al-Hegazy’

The cover artist, Abdulrahman Alsawaf, shows part of a mysterious and sacred…

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