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‘Junk’ art stash may yield multi-million dollar masterpieces

When an art dealer spent $15,000 (€12,350) on a bundle of unseen art held in a New Jersey storage locker, he never expected to find potential multi-million dollar works by the likes of abstract master Willem de Kooning.New York gallery owner David Killen believes he has uncovered six paintings by Dutch-American abstract master Willem de …

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Revisiting the concept of propaganda through art

While expressions like “fake news” and “alternative facts” are part of everyday doublespeak, the exhibition “After the Fact” in Munich fittingly explores different levels of propaganda as seen by artists.The Lenbachhaus museum in Munich explores the diverse and often hidden forms of propaganda used to form and influence public opinion. The show features 35 exhibits …

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Berlin 24/7: When Berghain experiments with art

What happens in Berghain stays in Berghain. But there are exceptions to that rule. DW columnist Gero Schliess went to a rare art event at the famous techno club – and got to know a totally new side to it.Off to the Berghain! Yes, I admit that I’m looking forward to spending a night in …

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How Paris’ 100-million-euro art heist happened

It was the art heist of the century. Lax security at Paris’ Museum of Modern Art led to a massive theft in 2010. As the alleged thief stands trial, an art insurance expert explains why theft can’t always be prevented.Dubbed “Spiderman,” 49-year-old Vjeran Tomic went on trial earlier this week for his alleged involvement in …

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The art of French resistance

On murals and makeshift memorials, the French are responding to November’s deadly attacks in the French capital with graffiti, music and poetry – art that is helping a nation to heal. Elizabeth Bryant reports from Paris. Hours after the terrorist attacks, Patrick Jardry headed out with flowers and a few choice phrases from what he …

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