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Amendments to House of Representative Law passed after MP debates

Adoption of closed list electoral system does not serve political pluralism, as

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Parliament to continue session on 29 April

All members, employees, parliamentary reporters given free face masks in Monday’s session

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Local Administration Committee supports local council draft law, suggests amendment

Heads of several parliamentary blocs rejected the law, believing that it includes

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Libyan Parliament Speaker visits Cairo over Turkey- GNA agreements

Issa will meet Abdel Aal, the head of Arab Parliament before heading

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Parliament’s current legislative term to end January 2021: Ali Abdel Aal

Parliament will halt for three weeks, but will hold some extraordinary meetings

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Abdel Aal criticises MP for drafting a bill regulating public conduct and morals

The law includes article banning women from wearing tight or revealing jeans

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Egypt’s Parliament to form counterterrorism committee

Abdel Aal urged that fighting terrorism should not be confined to armed

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Abdel Aal summons Prime Minister next week to clarify government performance

Only heads of agriculture and housing committees were replaced during committees’ head

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Parliament will show firm stance with government to improve citizens’ lives: Ali Abdel Aal

Slogan of fifth round of parliament will be “serving ordinary citizens,” says

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Abdel Aal visits Kenya, emphasises cooperation in various fields

Abdel Aal met with Kenya's National Assembly Speaker

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