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Prisoner transferred to Al-Aqrab prison on false report

Tantawy explained that the ''false medical report'' stated that Gaafar will leave

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Court refers lawsuit demanding closure of Al-Aqrab prison to State Commissioners

The lawsuit was filed against Al-Sisi and Sherif Ismail for the inhumane

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In Video: Al-Aqrab hunger strike ; the negligence and the suffering

https://youtu.be/HhHC-Ptjkiw Video by Mahmoud Nasr Editing by Omar Korashi

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7 NGOs sue Al-Sisi and interior minister demanding closure of Al-Aqrab prison

The lawsuit contested the president and the minister and demanded the closure

Mahmoud Mostafa Mahmoud Mostafa

Al-Aqrab Prison: The death camp of Egypt’s dissidents

Human rights groups have dubbed it one the most notorious prisons in

Taha Sakr Taha Sakr

Alleged violations in Al-Aqrab Prison spark further political outrage

NCHR submitted several requests to suspend Al-Aqrab’s administration

Taha Sakr Taha Sakr

Detained physician’s family calls for his release from high-security prison

Saeed has spent 45 days in Al-Aqrab prison, notorious for alleged human

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Inmates’ families assaulted outside Al-Aqrab prison: Human Rights Monitor

The association condemned the attack, vowing to escalate the case to ensure

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Status of Al-Aqrab prison remains in dispute

Minister of Interior and NCHR statements are contradictory; NCHR delegation member banned

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Ahead of visit from NCHR, family complaints in Al-Aqrab prison continue

Families say visits are short, cite long waiting lines

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