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The Middle East in 2011

By Ahmed Kadry CAIRO: As we near the end of 2011, you could be forgiven for taking a long deep breath and letting out 365 days of revolution, jubilation, turbulence, tragedy and uncertainty. It all started on January 1 when a terrorist bombing on Alexandria’s Saints Church tragically took the lives of 23 Egyptians. It was …


A history lesson revolution should revisit

By Ahmed Kadry If nothing else were to happen for the rest of 2011 in the Middle East, it would still qualify as the most important year this region has experienced since the Arab-Israeli wars, the last one fought almost four decades ago. If we were not to see any more protests around the Arab world …


Egypt: The story so far

By Ahmed Kadry For the first time during this entire revolutionary saga where millions of Egyptians at home and on the streets have rallied to have the president removed from office, protestors remained silent as President Hosni Mubarak made his second public address on the eve of February 1st. Two million protestors rallied passionately but peacefully …


We are all Egyptian

By Ahmed Kadry I was born and raised in London and it was there that I lived in a society of different races, religions and cultures. If you ever find yourself on a rainy day in England’s capital city and jump onto a red bus to take you to your destination, take a look around …


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