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Egypt completes installation, operation of electronic gates system in Abu Simbel Temple area

The country also launched a website for booking tickets electronically to visit…

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Egypt celebrates solar alignment on Temple of Ramses II in Abu Simbel

Such events aim to raise cultural awareness, activate internal tourism movement

Bassant Mohammed Bassant Mohammed

Aswan to hold international concert at Ramses II Temple next Monday

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, no in-person attendance will be allowed in event

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Sun illuminates face of Ramses II as Aswan’s tourism season peaks

Dubbed the sun festival, the illumination of Ramses II was at 6:20am…

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160% increase in visitors to Abu Simbel since the beginning of 2017: Aboud

Tourist traffic coming from East Asian countries increased since the beginning of…

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Ministry of misleading culture

Why is it that the Egyptian elite suffer from a continuous state…

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50 artesian wells built in Abu Simbel in project to reclaim 1m acres: Minister of Irrigation

Report shows 12,452 violations removed from shores of watercourses until May 2015,…

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Abu Simbel Antiquities celebrates 46 years since temple’s rescue

The celebration included issuing postcards with photos of the temple, as well…

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Abu Simbel’s sun festival

The bi-annual festival marks important dates in the life of Ramses II

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