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Security of GCC region is part of Egypt’s national security: Al-Sisi

Egypt, UAE discuss joint cooperation, regional issues

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President Al-Sisi asserts justice of Egypt’s water cause

‘We respect desire of other countries to achieve development, provided that it…

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58 entities, 44 human rights defenders in solidarity with 17 Al-Sabbagh case defendants

Suspects face protest charges, include three eyewitnesses

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Photojournalist Gamal Ziada starts hunger strike in prison

Previous strike lasted for 98 days, says brother

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‘I have been under torture for 3 days’: Photojournalist Gamal Ziada

Defence lawyer optimistic about progress in court case

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Presidential decree issued to settle corruption cases

Amendments to Criminal Code aim to provide corruption case defendants way to…

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Al-Sisi discusses Palestinian cause at summit sidelines

Israel uninvited, despite president's opinion praising relations with Netanyahu

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Italy, UK, EU express wish to join Al-Sisi’s Libyan counterterrorism efforts

Al-Sisi discusses regional affairs with European representatives at Economic Summit

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‘1980 and Upwards’: The youth’s pain relief

A play that many have watched over and over

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