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What caused Morocco’s earthquake? A geologist studying the Atlas mountains explains

The epicentre of Morocco’s devastating earthquake on 8 September was in the…

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Climate change aggravates water stress in MENA region 

Five of the six most water-stressed countries are located in the Middle…

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India plans to launch 1st solar mission in August

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to launch the first solar…

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How to grow rhinos in a lab? The science that could save an endangered species

There are several parallel projects running across the world to save the…

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Is there new physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics?

Despite its tremendous success in predicting the existence of new particles and…

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Horn of Africa reached a drought tipping point 11,700 years ago

New research published on Wednesday in Nature suggests that the Horn of…

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Dry conditions contribute to rapid spread and intensity of wildfires: Expert 

The countries of the Mediterranean basin recently experienced devastating forest fires, which…

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The fast, furious, and brutally short life of an African male lion

The death of a lion in Kenya’s picturesque savannas rarely tugs at…

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Depression isn’t just sadness – it’s often a loss of pleasure

Experiencing anhedonia for at least two weeks consistently is a sign of…

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