Northwestern Coast development in Egypt: Unlocking potential

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Deputy Minister of Housing for the Planning Sector and Supervisor of the Minister’s Office, Walid Abbas, emphasized that the development of certain areas along the North Coast, including Ras El-Hekma, is part of a broader plan to transform the entire Northwestern Coast. This ambitious initiative aims to maximize the potential of this vast region, which had previously contributed only 1% to Egypt’s annual growth rate despite covering 16% of the country’s total area.

Comprehensive Approach: The national plan extends beyond specific locations and encompasses the entire Northwestern Coast. Five cities are targeted for development, with New Alamein being the first fully established city. Infrastructure, including roads and utilities, serves the entire region, not just individual cities like Alamein or Ras El-Hekma.

Year-Round Functionality: The goal is to transform the Northwestern Coast from a seasonal summer destination (operating for only four months) into a thriving year-round area.

Tourism and Industry: The North Coast boasts some of the world’s best tourist areas. The development plan includes an industrial zone covering 3,000 feddans (approximately 3,150 acres).

Job Opportunities: The Northwestern Coast development plan has generated thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities. The city will feature a technology zone, a business and financial centre, and several ports to facilitate industrial activities and exports.

Property Exports: The state has signed contracts for around 90 projects on the North Coast, covering approximately 12,000 feddans. These projects are expected to significantly support property exports shortly, with real estate developers playing a crucial role as partners in development.

Abbas said: “The state has signed contracts to implement approximately 90 projects on the North Coast, covering an area of about 12,000 feddans. They aim to play a significant role in supporting property exports shortly and anticipate diligent work from real estate developers. Additionally, any problems or obstacles faced by these developers will be addressed and resolved, as they are partners with the state in development.”

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