Egypt condemns Israeli airstrike on Gaza relief workers, calls for action

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt has vehemently condemned the Israeli airstrike targeting international relief workers in the Gaza Strip, affiliated with the World Central Kitchen, resulting in the tragic deaths of seven individuals of various nationalities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Tuesday expressing its strong condemnation of the attack.

In its statement, Egypt reiterated its firm rejection of Israel’s ongoing targeting of humanitarian organisations. These organisations play a crucial role in addressing the dire humanitarian conditions in Gaza. Egypt emphasised the need for Israel to be held accountable for these flagrant violations of international and humanitarian law.

Egypt called for the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions that advocate for the safe and sustainable access of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. It stressed that Israel’s persistent disregard for international laws and norms, coupled with its indifference to humanitarian considerations, would only worsen the already dire humanitarian situation in the region. Egypt highlighted the urgent need for the international community to take decisive action against such violations.

Egypt urged for a thorough investigation to hold those responsible for the attack accountable. Additionally, it called for full compliance with Security Council resolutions, including an immediate ceasefire and ensuring safe access for humanitarian aid. Egypt also underscored the importance of protecting all humanitarian relief workers, recognising their essential role in addressing the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

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