Companies invest more than $100k yearly to upskill their cybersecurity teams 

Fatma Salah
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Over 70% of businesses pay more than 100.000$ for additional training annually to keep skills of their cybersecurity employees up to date, a recent Kaspersky study has revealed. However, the surveyed companies also highlighted that there was a lack of relevant courses covering new challenging spheres in the educational market, and stated that training does not always bring them the expected result.

In its recent study ‘The portrait of the modern Information Security professional,’ Kaspersky examined the topic of the global cybersecurity staff shortage, analyzing the exact reasons businesses lack cybersecurity experts, and identifying the ways they evaluate and upskill their cybersecurity workforce.

According to the research, companies are investing significant amounts in upskilling their cybersecurity teams: 43% of organizations say they usually spend between $100,000 and $200,000 per year on information security courses, while 31% even invest over $200,000 for training programs. The remaining 26% state they usually pay less than $100,000 for educational initiatives.

However, cybersecurity practitioners in the META region also note that the educational market is struggling to keep up with the rapidly-changing industry and fail to deliver the necessary training programs on time. The research shows that the scarcity of courses covering new challenging spheres (48%) was the main problem for those searching for cybersecurity training.

50% of respondents also stated that trainees tend to forget what they learned because they had no opportunity to apply newly-acquired knowledge, therefore the courses were useless to them. The need for special training pre-requisites such as coding and advanced mathematics, which were not specified at the pre-registration stage were also problematic for 37% of practitioners

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