L’Oréal Egypt celebrates 6th edition of “L’Oréal UNESCO for Women in Science Egypt Young Talents Program”

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L’Oréal Egypt, marked another milestone in its ongoing commitment towards empowering women’s journey by celebrating three exceptional Egyptian young female researchers in the leading program “L’Oreal UNESCO for Women in Science Egypt Young Talents” in its 6th edition. The new awarded researchers are recognized for their scientific research application. This comes with a commitment to empower and support women in science to continue their journey & become inspiring role models for the new generations in the science field.

“The World Need Science & Science Needs Women”

L’Oreal UNESCO For Women In Science Egypt Young Talents program focuses on both doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. It is in collaboration with the Academy of Scientific Research and the UNESCO Regional Office in Cairo, initiated back in 2018 with a clear objective to empower more Egyptian young scientists.

The prestigious honoring ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including Éric Chevalier, The French Ambassador In Egypt, Dave Hughes, L’Oreal Egypt Managing Director, Nuria Sanz, Director of UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science in the Arab States, Nagwa Abdel Maguid, Jury president, and 2002 laureate for Africa continent, Nadia Zakhary, Former Minister of Scientific Research & Head of the Scientific Research Committee in Egypt National Council of Women, alongside representatives from the French embassy, various scientific bodies, academic institutions, former fellows, and press.

This celebration reflects L’Oréal’s strategy and vision, centered on championing and bolstering women’s impactful roles within all fields, specifically in science, by shedding light on women’s achievements & exceptional roles in addressing world & local challenges. Through the program, the young talents join a wide network of researchers globally fostering the exchange of experiences and knowledge while providing support through comprehensive training programs designed to equip researchers with essential soft skills enabling them to excel in their science career.
Chevalier said during his speech « The Franco-Egyptian scientific cooperation contributes significantly in advancing research and innovation. France is proud to support initiatives in collaboration with Egyptian partners that promote gender equality and empower women in science through its programs of doctoral, postdoctoral and Eiffel Excellence scholarships which allow Egyptian women to pursue their scientific formation in French research centres. Through these collaborative projects and exchange programs, we strive to create inclusive environments where all researchers can thrive and contribute with their unique perspectives and talents. ».

Dave Hughes expressed his delight at the enduring success of the program ” For L’Oreal, our commitment to this program lies in our DNA, shaped by the visionary French chemist, Eugene Schueller, 115 years ago. Research and Innovation have always been the driving forces of our Group’s strategy, with an investment reached more than 1 billion euros in Research annually”.

He further emphasized, “Today, we gather to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of three remarkable talents who have not only dared to dream but have also dared to innovate and shape the future of science that is based on gender equality”.

Nuria Sanz, Director of UNESCO Regional Bureau of Science in the Arab States said: ‘’It is a pleasure to celebrate this kind of commitment, as well as the women in science. At UNESCO, breaking gender stereotypes is part of our ethos, by supporting and encouraging women in scientific research. Only 33% of the researchers in the world are women and we need to change this. We need more women in the science field. Through our partnership with L’Oreal, we will empower women to leave their footprint and celebrate their impact in the science field. We’re honored and proud of the young talents for their crucial research that is certainly going to pave the way for a better future.”

Nagwa Abdel Maguid, Jury President emphasized “The Program serves as a cornerstone in supporting women in science. Science is the foundation for any nation to excel, and women play a crucial and integral role in its advancement.” She continued: “The program has been instrumental in enabling numerous Egyptian female researchers to successfully complete their studies and advance their research”

It is noteworthy that the program offers annually €26,000 grant for three exceptional young scientists. Since its inception in Egypt, the program has recognized 18 Egyptian female researchers. This year, almost 200 female researchers applied to the program during the call for applications, seeking support to advance their research and unlock their full potential.

L’Oreal UNESCO For Women In Science launched 26 years ago and has achieved remarkable success in supporting and empowering 3,900 young female researchers in 110 countries. Additionally, 127 distinguished laureates have garnered prestigious recognition for their outstanding achievements in the field of science, 5 of them awarded the Nobel Prize.

Get to know 2023 Young Talents:

  1. Post Doctoral: Dr. Worood Adel is rewarded for her research Developing and Probing Nanotherapeutic Sheets for Skin Burns Healing
  2. Post Doctoral: Dr. Rana Youness is rewarded for her research Blood derived long non-coding RNAs as stable, non-invasive cancer-immune biomarkers in young breast cancer patients
  3. Doctoral: Rana Ahmed is rewarded for her research Effect of Antimicrobial and Non-antimicrobial- Loaded Niosomes on Biofilm Formation by Staphylococcal Clinical Isolates
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