Egypt’s Ras El-Hekma to be largest tourism project on Mediterranean: Al-Sisi

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Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi announced that the Ras El-Hekma project will become the largest tourism project on the Mediterranean in the next few years. He said that the Egyptian state is committed to communicating clearly, honestly and transparently with the people about any new project.

He made these remarks during the fifth edition of the “Able with Difference” celebration, which honours the people with disabilities. He said that the project will include an international city that offers services and activities throughout the year, some of which are unprecedented in Egypt.

He also revealed that the funds for the project, which were previously announced by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, have arrived and been deposited to the Central Bank. He added that the state will explain the details of the amounts received soon.

Al-Sisi expressed his gratitude to the UAE for their support, saying: “It is not easy for someone to put $35 billion in two months. There is nothing like that in the world. This is a clear form of support.” He also noted that every event, problem or crisis that happens anywhere in the world affects Egypt.

During the celebration, Al-Sisi instructed the government to allocate EGP 10 billion to the “Able with Difference” fund.

Regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip, Al-Sisi emphasized Egypt’s efforts to ease the suffering of the people in Gaza as much as possible. He said: “In times of conflict, there are many statements, some of which are true and others are not true, but from the first day we have been keen to make the Rafah crossing a lifeline and a way to provide aid and relief to those who need it.”

He added: “Egypt never closed the crossing, but in order to provide assistance in situations of conflict, we must be careful that no problem will occur while we are doing this.”

President Al-Sisi also expressed his hope that a ceasefire would be achieved soon, so that real relief would start for the people in Gaza. He added: “I had to affirm our continued support and we will keep supporting and aiding the Palestinian cause until we reach a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

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