NVIDIA Studio honours creative designers with RTX-powered laptops, AI tools

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NVIDIA, in collaboration with Microsoft, revealed the winners of the second edition of NVIDIA Studio Nights, a creative design competition that showcases the work of talented content creators who use the NVIDIA Studio platform and RTX GPUs. The regional event, which took place at twofour54 in Abu Dhabi, also provided an opportunity for the participants to network with other designers and artists. The competition featured five categories – 3D, Videography, Photography, NVIDIA Canvas Art, and CGI.

The winners were Nadeem Ashraf for 3D, Mohannad Nasr for Videography, Aziza Kashash for Photography, Joseph John for NVIDIA Canvas Art, and Mosab Sharef for CGI. They each received a Microsoft Laptop Studio 2 with NVIDIA RTX GPUs and a Surface Slim Pen 2 that enables a smooth transition from a canvas for drawing and designing to a versatile touchscreen laptop.

“NVIDIA’s RTX GPU made rendering my video much faster, especially with the encoders and AI capabilities,” said Mohannad Nasr. “I could remove objects with a rotoscope and render with the RTX card without any hassle. With the NVIDIA GPU, I could shoot in 4k, 8k, or even 12k and not worry about rendering. The Firefly feature powered by AI in Photoshop was amazing, as I could edit my photographs within seconds.”

“I have an NVIDIA RTX laptop and we as designers need to have fast GPUs for rendering. Even though I have an older version, the 2060, it is still very efficient. The biggest challenge is opening multiple applications at the same time and the laptop slowing down. Thanks to NVIDIA, even with multiple apps running, it remained fast and my workflow was smooth,” said Aziza Kashash.

Joseph John, who won the NVIDIA Canvas Art category, said: “I used NVIDIA Canvas, an AI tool that generates images based on brushstrokes. It has a palette of more than 10 materials and different scenarios and variations. It runs on the hardware and not on the cloud, so you need a very powerful hardware component that NVIDIA provides. The beauty of creative processes is knowing when to stop because creativity is endless. It was impressive to see the details on my frame generated from mere brushstrokes.”

John added: “I have one of the Founder’s Edition graphics cards – I have been an NVIDIA loyalist for a long time.”

The attendees also got to try the latest RTX-powered laptops, including the Microsoft Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Slim Pen 2, as well as several AI-powered apps from NVIDIA, such as Canvas, Omniverse, and Broadcast.

Chantelle Tavid, Head of Marketing at NVIDIA MENAT, said: “The entries displayed remarkable creativity, demonstrating how these creators fully utilized the power of the NVIDIA Studio Platform and RTX GPUs. We look forward to more events where the local content creator community and artists can collaborate, create, and celebrate the advances of technology.”

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