Egyptians prioritize family, comfort, and value in intercity travel, inDrive survey reveals

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A recent survey by inDrive City to City has shed light on the travel habits and preferences of Egyptians, offering valuable insights for those planning trips within the country.

The survey reveals a strong emphasis on family ties, with 60% of respondents highlighting family visits as a primary reason for intercity travel. This trend is particularly evident during holidays when family gatherings become a priority. Additionally, 46% of respondents cite tourism as a reason for travelling, reflecting Egypt’s rich historical and cultural landscape. Business travel accounts for another 24%.

The survey also highlights Egyptians’ preference for spontaneity when planning trips. Around 85% plan their journeys within days or even on the same day. However, the survey advises planning slightly ahead during holidays to secure comfortable options at reasonable prices.

In terms of transportation, buses (53%) remain the most popular choice, followed by trains (37%) and personal cars (20%). Interestingly, 16% of respondents utilize ride-hailing services or taxis for intercity travel. When choosing their mode of transport, safety (64%), comfort (55%), and price (55%) are equally important factors for Egyptians. Additionally, 23% prioritize convenient schedules or pick-up times.

“These findings reveal a balance between spontaneity, established travel habits, and the paramount importance of safety and comfort,” said Mohamed Alia of Business Development for inDrive City to City. “As Egyptians prepare to travel, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey, especially during family reunions, is crucial. At inDrive City to City, we prioritize passenger and driver safety and comfort, while offering fair prices through our unique ‘set your own price’ model.”

This model empowers passengers to initiate price negotiations with drivers, while also allowing them to choose rides based on cost, driver ratings, and car type. Additionally, the absence of fixed schedules caters to those who prefer spontaneous trips.

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