Online campaign urges boycott of Germany over its support for Israel’s attacks on Gaza

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Activists have launched an online campaign to boycott Germany for backing Israel’s assaults on the besieged Gaza Strip and restricting the rights of those who oppose them in Germany. The campaign organizers accuse Berlin of supporting Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the Gaza Health Ministry said the death toll from Israel’s attacks had risen to 29,692 and the number of injured to 69,879 since 7 October. It said the Israeli forces had carried out seven massacres in Gaza, killing 86 and wounding 131 in the past 24 hours.

The ministry also said the health situation in northern Gaza was dire, due to Israel’s ongoing war and siege since 7 October.

In a statement, the ministry said the health conditions in northern Gaza were “unspeakable and horrific.” It said Gaza’s hospitals had no fuel, and the Baptist Hospital in Gaza City had been without fuel for more than 10 days.

The ministry warned that medicine refrigerators had no power, which could destroy sensitive drugs, and that dialysis and intensive care patients faced death because of the lack of fuel for generators, ambulances, and medicines.

The Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), Philippe Lazzarini, said avoiding famine in Gaza was still possible if there was genuine political will.

Lazzarini said the agency’s appeals for food aid to northern Gaza had been ignored. He said the last time the agency delivered food aid to northern Gaza was on 23 January.

UNRWA’s media advisor, Adnan Abu Hasna, said the few humanitarian aid trucks that could enter Gaza met only 10% of its needs.

Abu Hasna said the average number of trucks entering Gaza before the war was about 500 per day, but now it was no more than 85. He said the agency’s teams had tried to bring aid trucks to northern Gaza several times, but Israel had blocked them.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said the Israeli forces had arrested at least 15 Palestinians since Saturday evening. It said the number of Palestinian prisoners from Gaza and the West Bank held by Israel had reached record levels since the start of the war on Gaza on 7 October.

On Sunday, Jordan’s King Abdullah II warned against continuing the war on Gaza during the holy month of Ramadan. He said the ongoing war would increase the risk of the conflict spreading.

He also warned of Israel’s escalation in the West Bank and the actions of extremist settlers against the Palestinians.

Jordan is the second-largest exporter of vegetables and food to Israel, after Turkey, according to the Israeli Agriculture Ministry.

The Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, said they shot an Israeli soldier with a sniper rifle south of the Al-Zaytoun neighbourhood in Gaza City.

The group also said they fired mortar shells at a position of Israeli soldiers near the Abu Absal Gate, east of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip on Sunday.

In a related development, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said Britain and the United States had launched strikes on Houthi military targets. He said the Houthis were still attacking cargo ships in the Red Sea despite the warnings and vowed to back up their words with actions.

The spokesperson for the Houthi group, Yahya Sarie, said Yemen was committed to preventing Israeli ships or those bound for Israeli ports from crossing its waters.

Sarie denounced the US-British raids on Yemen as “a condemned and rejected aggression and a violation of sovereignty.” He said Yemen had every right to respond to the ongoing US-British aggression.

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