Egyptian President Al-Sisi, Iraqi leader Al-Hakim discuss regional issues, bilateral relations

Sami Hegazi
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Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met on Tuesday with Ammar al-Hakim, the leader of the Iraqi National Wisdom Movement, and his accompanying delegation, in the presence of Abbas Kamel, the chief of Egypt’s General Intelligence Service.

The meeting addressed the tense regional situation and the war in the Gaza Strip, where they discussed the Egyptian efforts to achieve a ceasefire and to deliver humanitarian aid in large amounts to ease the human suffering in the Strip.

They also stressed the need for the international community to take its responsibilities to protect civilians and to secure a ceasefire, while highlighting the importance of a comprehensive and fair solution to the Palestinian issue, and warning of the risks of continued escalation and its impact on the region’s stability.

Ahmed Fahmy, the official spokesperson for the Presidency, said that the president reaffirmed during the meeting Egypt’s strong and steadfast support for Iraq, and its backing for all its efforts to improve security, stability, and development.

Al-Hakim, on his part, emphasized the strength and depth of the historical relations between the two countries, praised the Egyptian role in safeguarding the security and stability of the Arab region, and commended Egypt’s support for Iraq and its honest positions in supporting all Arab and Muslim countries.

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