UCC launches barcode, QR code, and RFID services in Egypt

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Universal Coding Corporation (UCC) announced the launch of barcode, QR code, and RFID services in the Egyptian market for the first time, at a press conference. The launching ceremony was attended by Essam El Naggar, the Head of the General Organization for Export and Import Control (Goeic), Tarek El Hobay, the President of the National Food Safety Authority, and other stakeholders in the industry.

UCC signed several cooperation protocols with regional and international partners, including Digital Business Solution (DBS), to work on international identification and coding solution projects to achieve Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. It also signed a cooperation protocol with DI Consulting Gmbh, to develop Track and Trace systems for bodies and governments to control, monitor, and follow up on the movement of medical and food products.

The cooperation protocols aim to enter global markets and achieve regional and international expansion, in line with the company’s strategy to find real solutions to fight the monopoly of the barcode industry in Egypt and the world. Under these agreements, the company will provide a full range of new innovative products, services, and solutions to customers of all segments, using the latest digital coding technology, under the digital transformation process in Egypt.

Ahmed Swailam, the Chairperson of UCC Global, said: “We are proud to launch the services of UCC Global in the Egyptian market for the first time, and this step is the beginning of a breakthrough in the barcode industry and identification and tracking services for products of all forms and types. The company’s strategy is based on providing the best value of services to customers at a competitive price and with advanced advantages.”

Swailam added that UCC Global will support and promote the digital transformation in Egypt, which is one of the main goals of Egypt’s Vision 2030, by launching an Egyptian company for barcode services that can compete globally, and export digital services, which will support the Egyptian economy.

Hassan Aly, the CEO of UCC Global, said: “The launch of UCC Global in the Egyptian market is the most important achievement that the company has worked to achieve, in addition to having a large base of agents for our services locally, regionally, and globally, in more than 32 countries around the world. We look forward to partnering with global agents, as the company’s mission is based on innovation and creativity in its work, by providing globally approved technological services and solutions that can be used anywhere, disrupting conventional norms in global markets. The company offers product identification and tracking services at competitive, one-time purchase prices and not tied to a fixed term.”

UCC provides barcode services that contain all the data related to the product, as well as QR code services, which store various information, such as numbers and letters in all languages, hyperlinks, e-mail addresses, and even full contact information, as it can be described as the upgraded or “second generation” of the barcode.

The company also offers RFID technology, which means identification using radio waves, and uses stickers with a serial code number to identify the product, along with information recorded on a chip or microchip attached to an antenna, so that it can send and receive data and information through radio waves.

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