eHealth delivers 3 projects for digital transformation of Universal Health Insurance System in 2023

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eHealth, backed by its sister company eFinance Investment Group, announced the completion and delivery of three projects to support the digital transformation of the authority in 2023. These projects are the Historical Claims project in Luxor, the Specialized Technical Services project, and the initial release of the Pricing Platform.

eHealth explained that Luxor is one of the first-stage governorates, where the company built a database for historical claims, with an indicators interface and analytical reports. This enables the authority to improve its operational processes and governance of its payments to medical service providers. The second project is specialized technical services for the digital transformation of the Universal Health Insurance System, where eHealth plays a key role in supporting the state’s efforts.

The third project is the initial release of the Pricing Platform, which creates an integrated program to automate the pricing operations for services at the General Authority for Comprehensive Health Insurance, using the latest global digital solution technologies. This ensures the efficiency of cost inputs, the management of service lists and comprehensive contracts, and the pricing outputs. This reflects on the sustainability of system services and the profitability of healthcare service providers. The project also provides specialized services for coding and medical coding of basic coding lists for services and procedures within the Comprehensive Health Insurance system.

Ibrahim Seraḥan, the CEO and Chairperson of eFinance, said that the projects completed by e-Health in record time show their tremendous capabilities to achieve more digital transformation projects for comprehensive health insurance across the country as soon as possible.

He confirmed that the group has invested heavily to prepare the appropriate infrastructure to handle all the digital operations of the Universal Health Insurance System for all Egyptians in different governorates, with the highest digital quality and best insurance efficiency. He said that the company was fully ready to implement and complete the whole digital system for Comprehensive Health Insurance according to the planned schedule.

Hassan El-Sokary, the CEO of eHealth, said that the company has shown exceptional capabilities in implementing these projects in record time, proving its potential to drive the digital transformation of the healthcare sector in Egypt. He affirmed the company’s readiness to execute more new projects in 2024.

He emphasized eHealth’s pride in cooperating with the Universal Health Insurance System and its aspiration to achieve more digitization and sustainability in 2024, through collaborating on other projects with the authority, such as a revenue platform, a data warehouse, and interactive centres technology. He said that this consolidates the company’s role and its main objective of establishment.

eHealth manages and operates the processes, prepares, and manages the technological systems for the Universal Health Insurance System and specialized digital services for the healthcare and insurance sector nationwide. It enables and supports the Universal Health Insurance System technically through smart digital solutions, to achieve its goal of comprehensive coverage for all Egyptians, in line with Egypt Vision 2030.

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