Tanmeyah receives global economics awards for ‘Best Place to Work’ and ‘Fastest Growing Microfinance Company’

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Tanmeyah, a subsidiary of EFG Holding and a leading provider of financial services in Egypt, has been recognized as the ‘Best Place to Work’ by the Global Economics Awards, as well as the ‘Fastest Growing Microfinance Company’ for the second year in a row. These awards highlight Tanmeyah’s commitment to creating a thriving and supportive work environment for its employees and offering relevant microfinance products and services to its customers.

Tanmeyah values its employees and provides them with exceptional work experiences based on the pillars of diversity, inclusion, and personal development. The company equips its people with the tools and resources they need to succeed both professionally and personally. With a growing team of nearly 5000 employees, Tanmeyah has launched innovative initiatives and formed strategic partnerships over the years that have strengthened its brand, growth, and reach across the country.

“We are immensely honored to be recognized by the Global Economics Awards among other outstanding global organizations from various fields,” said Jinu Johnson, CEO of Tanmeyah. “This is not only a validation of our company culture, but also a heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering dedication of our employees and customers. Our success is driven by the hard work and passion of our talented team, which reflects the investments we have made in creating a workplace where people and ideas can thrive. We are committed to continuously improving our work environment and empowering our team to achieve both personal and professional fulfillment, as well as enhancing and expanding our product and service offering. The ‘Best Place to Work’ and ‘Fastest Growing Microfinance Company’ categories acknowledge companies that go above and beyond to cultivate exceptional work environments, prioritizing employee satisfaction and engagement, as well as focusing on growing their market presence.”

Established in 2009, Tanmeyah has become Egypt’s premier financial services provider for micro and small enterprises, providing access to vital capital that can transform lives, build businesses, and drive socioeconomic change. With the widest branch network in the country, deep industry knowledge, and community ties, Tanmeyah has improved the lives and businesses of millions across the country, issuing over two million financing facilities of various types and sizes. It currently serves a growing client base of around 30,000 new monthly active borrowers through its network of over 305 branches and nearly 5,000 employees in 25 governorates.

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