Aboul Gheit urges immediate action to stop Israeli aggression in Gaza Strip

Sami Hegazi
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Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the Secretary-General of the Arab League, called for immediate action to stop the Israeli aggression and massacres in the Gaza Strip, warning of the unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in the Arab region as a result of the terrible Israeli crimes in the Strip, which violate all international norms, laws, principles, and humanitarian values.

Aboul Gheit made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the High-level Arab Forum for Multidimensional Social Development held in Doha and organized jointly by the Arab League and the Ministry of Social Affairs of the State of Qatar.

In his speech, Aboul Gheit stressed the importance of mobilizing development, social, economic, and humanitarian efforts in light of the lack of basic life necessities in the Gaza Strip, the huge number of martyrs and injured, especially people with disabilities, and the displacement and orphaning of thousands of families and children.

He said that today’s high-level event comes at a difficult time when the Arab region is witnessing an unprecedented social and humanitarian catastrophe as a result of the heinous Israeli crimes that violate all international norms, laws, principles, and humanitarian values. “We in the Arab League are working at every possible level to stop this massacre immediately and to appeal to the world’s conscience to realize the profound consequences of the continuation of this crime,” he added.

Aboul Gheit continued: “The Gaza Strip is a devastated area, after the disruption of life systems in most of its areas and the demolition of about half of its buildings, which requires all social, economic, and humanitarian development efforts in light of the lack of basic daily life necessities and the increasing number of martyrs and wounded.

In conclusion, Aboul Gheit expressed his continued support for the Palestinians in the face of the consequences of the fierce attack that aims at destroying their social structure and erasing their existence, which will never happen.

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