AMAN Holding, Dahab Masr partner to make gold investment easier in Egypt

Fatma Salah
2 Min Read

AMAN Holding, a leading financial technology company in Egypt, has partnered with Dahab Masr, a specialist in precious metals investment using digital solutions, to make gold investment more accessible and affordable for Egyptians.

The partnership allows AMAN customers to purchase gold in installment through the company’s app, with payments made electronically or at one of AMAN’s 150,000 points of sale nationwide.

“This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to expand financial inclusion and empower customers with flexible payment options,” said Hazem Moghazi, co-CEO of business and commercial affairs at AMAN Holding. He emphasized the partnership’s importance in light of evolving economic conditions, highlighting its potential to accelerate financial inclusion and the shift towards a cashless society.

Dahab Masr customers can also benefit from AMAN’s infrastructure, including the AMAN Super-App, which facilitates seamless instalment payments.

“This partnership represents the convergence of two ambitious visions to reshape the investment gold market in Egypt,” said Fady Kamel, CEO of Dahab Masr and a board member of the Cairo Gold Traders Division. He pointed to the prospect of innovative solutions that demystify gold investment, making it easier, more transparent, and fundamentally redefining the experience.

The partnership goes beyond individual benefits, aiming to bolster Egypt’s economic landscape. “These initiatives reflect our deep commitment to enhancing Egypt’s economic strength and our ongoing effort to transform it into a prominent investment centre for gold in the heart of the Middle East and North Africa region,” Kamel said.

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