Egypt’s agricultural exports surge to 5.669 million tonnes, valued at $3.566bn in 2022/23

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Egypt witnessed a significant 24.6% growth in agricultural exports during the 2022/23 season, reaching a value of $3.566bn, up from $2.860bn in the previous season.

According to the Agriculture Export Council’s monthly report, the volume of exported crops rose to 5.669 million tonnes, marking a 29.2% increase from 4.385 million tonnes in the prior season.

The report highlighted that Arab nations represent 37% of Egypt’s agricultural export value, totaling $1.314bn, and 42% of the export volume, approximately 2.355 million tonnes.

Exports to European countries outside the European Union were about 1.108 million tonnes, valued at $807m, constituting 23% of the total export value and 20% of the volume. Exports to European Union member states amounted to $917m for 1.410 million tonnes, representing 25% of the total volume and 26% of the export value. Asian countries received exports worth $367m, approximately 614,000 tonnes.

African countries imported Egyptian crops valued at $63m, weighing 109,000 tonnes, while North and South American countries, along with Australia, imported around 72,000 tonnes, valued at $98m.

Russia emerged as the leading importer of Egyptian crops, with approximately 688,000 tonnes valued at $418m, accounting for 12% of both the total exported volume and value.

The Council noted that citrus fruit exports during the 2022-2023 season reached 1.987 million tonnes, valued at $988m. Citrus exports comprised 35% of the total agricultural export volume and 28% of the sector’s overall export value.

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