ITIDA prioritises human resource training in collaboration with private sector

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Hazem Mohamed Nabil, Executive Vice President of the Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA), highlighted the alignment of Huawei’s training initiatives with ITIDA and the Ministry of Communications’ vision to prepare young talent for the job market and enhance their skills, a key focus for ITIDA.

During the graduation of Huawei’s ‘Seeds for the Future’ program’s ninth cohort, Nabil emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to nurturing a knowledge-based economy through human resource development, achieved via partnerships with leading private sector entities.

Nabil underscored the importance of equipping the workforce with competitive IT skills for global service provision, integral to ITIDA’s outsourcing strategy initiated last year.

He noted that while international studies estimate job provision costs between $20,000-30,000, effective training can significantly reduce this to under EGP 60,000.

ITIDA’s goal is to double outsourcing export revenues within two years, aiming for $9 billion by 2026. Success hinges on cultivating a competitive youth workforce, positioning Egypt alongside leading outsourcing nations like India, the Philippines, and Eastern Europe.

Nabil praised Huawei’s training programs, co-run with the Ministry, for producing graduates skilled in sought-after technologies like cybersecurity, AI, and cloud computing.

He also mentioned ITIDA’s ‘Training for Employment’ initiative, which incentivizes company-led training by covering costs when a set employment target is met.

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