Hamas confirms success of Egyptian-Qatari efforts to extend Gaza truce

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The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) confirmed that the Egyptian-Qatari efforts to extend the temporary humanitarian truce for an additional two days under the same conditions as the previous truce were successful. On the fourth and final day of the current truce, 11 Israelis detained in Gaza were released, in exchange for more than 30 Palestinian prisoners in the occupation’s prisons.

According to Diaa Rashwan, head of Egypt’s State Information Service, the extended truce includes the daily release of 10 women and children detained in Gaza, in exchange for thirty Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons. Rashwan also explained that the ceasefire throughout the Gaza Strip will continue during the days of the truce. Medical, food and fuel aid will also continue entering the strip, in addition to prohibiting Israeli flights over the strip.

However, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club reported that during the days of the temporary truce, the occupation army continued its arrests in the occupied West Bank, including the city of East Jerusalem, targeting 260 Palestinians.

Amani Sarahna, media officer at the Prisoner Club, pointed out that this comes “as part of a campaign of raids on Palestinian cities and towns, accompanied by acts of sabotage and attacks on detainees and their families,” and noted that since 7 October, Israel has arrested 3,260 Palestinians in the West Bank. 

She also mentioned that “the detainees are interrogated by Israeli intelligence officers, and some of them are released after hours or days or are transferred to administrative detention (without charge) or trial.”

Josep Borrell, the European Union foreign policy chief, stated on Monday that extending the current truce in Gaza is within reach and will allow the international community to work on a political solution to the conflict¹. Borrell added that the Palestinian Authority needs to regain control of the Gaza Strip from the Hamas movement and present a “better and more viable” alternative to it.

Borrell stressed that peace between Israel and Palestine had become a “strategic necessity” for the entire Euro-Mediterranean community and beyond, and added, “If a power vacuum occurs in Gaza, there will be demographic changes, and Europe will be its first victim.”

He also pointed out that Hamas is not just a group of individuals, but rather an idea and ideology that cannot be killed, noting that Israel has crossed the limit of self-defence, “and it should not think about reoccupying Gaza.”

Borrell criticized Israel’s allocation of new funds to build more illegal settlements during the war, calling it horrific. He added that building settlements has nothing to do with self-defence and will not make Israel safer.

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