Trade exchange between Egypt, COMESA countries increases to $5.431bn in 2022: CAPMAS

Hossam Mounir
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The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) reported that the trade exchange between Egypt and COMESA countries increased to $5.431bn in 2022, compared to $4.385bn in 2012, indicating a growth of $1.046bn.

Egypt’s exports to COMESA countries reached $3.544bn in 2022, compared to $3.066bn in 2021, with an increase of 15.6%. The top five African countries that accounted for  84.8%  of the total Egyptian exports to this bloc were Libya with exports worth $1.215bn (34.3%), Sudan with  $929m (26.2%), Kenya with  $356m (10.0%), Tunisia with $306m (8.6%), and Djibouti with $173m (4.9%). The primary Egyptian exported goods to these countries included oils and their derivatives with a value of $335m (29.4% of the total exported goods), followed by fertilizers with $305m (26.8%), and fuel, mineral oils, and distillation products with $210m (18.4%).

The value of Egypt’s imports from COMESA countries reached  $1.887bn in 2022 , compared to $1.319bn in 2021, indicating an increase of  43.1%. The top five African countries that accounted for  92.9%  of Egypt’s total imports from this bloc were the Democratic Republic of Congo with  $525m  (27.8%), Sudan with  $505m  (26.8%), Zambia with  $314m  (16.6%), Kenya with  $308m  (16.3%), and Libya with  $89m  (4.7%). Copper and its products topped the list of imported goods by Egypt with a value of  $838m  (52.0% of the total imported goods), followed by tea and spices with  $299m  (18.5%), and live animals with  $206m (12.8%).

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