Egypt will not accept any proposals to displace Palestinians: Madbouly

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt’s Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly said on Tuesday that Egypt faced political and economic pressure to agree to proposals that would displace Palestinians, but it would not accept them.

He said: “Economic pressures have been there for a while under very difficult global circumstances, and there are always attempts to undermine countries that have a stance on what is happening by imposing agendas on them.”

He added: “I affirm Egypt’s full support for the Palestinians and their cause, which is not a result of the moment, but a continuation of the historic Egyptian role that has never and will never abandon the cause.”

The Prime Minister emphasized that Egypt was the only country that did not have a special agenda towards the Palestinian cause, but rather sacrificed and would sacrifice for the benefit of the Palestinian people. He said that Egypt dealt with the active parties in the Palestinian issue for the benefit of the Palestinian people.

Madbouly also stressed that the only solution for the cause was the just and comprehensive two-state solution, by establishing a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders.

He noted that the amount of humanitarian aid that Egypt had provided to the Gaza Strip was more than 11,200 tonnes as of 19 November, which was four times more than what more than 30 countries had sent to the Palestinian people.

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