Transfer of wounded Palestinians out of Gaza to Egypt resumes: Sources

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The transfer of wounded Palestinians from Gaza to Egypt for medical treatment is scheduled to resume after a three-day halt, according to security sources in Gaza.

   The sources told Xinhua that “currently, there are hard efforts to coordinate for 30 injured people from Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza to go to Egypt to receive treatment, and that they will be accompanied by cars from the International Committee of the Red Cross.”

   The sources added that the exit of foreign nationals from the strip would resume too.

   Earlier in the day, the government media office in Gaza said that any efforts to take convoys of the wounded to the Rafah crossing must be accompanied by Red Cross and United Nations vehicles, to ensure their protection and safety.

   Israeli warplanes on Friday struck an ambulance convoy carrying wounded Palestinians to the Rafah border crossing, killing 6 Palestinians.

   The Israeli military said the ambulance was being used by the Hamas fighters to transport militants and weapons, adding that several Hamas fighters were killed in the operation.

   The exit of the wounded as well as foreign passport holders has been halted after the incident.

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