iSON Xperiences plans to grow its network, hire more than 2,500 employees

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Amani Rabie, Chief Growth Officer of iSON Xperiences, said that Egypt is an ideal destination for outsourcing services, especially in the current global context. 

Rabie explained that Egypt has several factors that make it attractive for this industry, such as its large pool of young and educated talent, with over 600,000 university graduates every year. This is a valuable resource for outsourcing companies, which depend on human capital.

He added that Egypt has a young workforce, which accounts for about 60% of the country’s population. This is important for creating jobs and meeting the needs of businesses. Egypt also has a robust telecommunications infrastructure, which gives a competitive edge to service providers, and a strategic geographical location, which allows easy access to the European market, with most countries being within a 5-hour flight distance. Also, the pricing of outsourcing services in Egypt is affordable and high-quality.

A low employee turnover rate, which does not exceed 20% annually, compared to the global average of 15-18%. This is a favourable indicator, unlike some other markets, such as India, where it can reach 50%.

Rabie announced the company’s expansion plans in Egypt, which include opening a new headquarters at the Maadi Technology Park. The company also intends to operate from four other locations: the Assiut and El Korba technology parks, and two sites in Abbasiya.

iSON Xperiences aims to add around 2,500 new seats in the next three years, with more than half of them dedicated to serving clients outside Egypt. The company currently has 3500 seats.

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