Dell Technologies invests $7.5bn in AI, other fields

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Dell Technologies’ Senior Vice President for Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, Mohamed Amin, said that the company is working on developing many innovations.

Amin said that the company spent $7.5bn on research and development in the past three years, and will spend the same amount in the next three years, especially in artificial intelligence. He said that the company is keeping up with the second revolution of artificial intelligence, which is generative artificial intelligence.

He explained that generative artificial intelligence will create new types of information to provide personalized services, which will change the industries and the competition. He said that today, artificial intelligence is being developed more for companies and institutions than for individuals.

Amin also said that Dell Technologies is investing in peripheral products, because by 2025, the information generated by the “edge” will represent about 70% of the information. He said that this will enable faster reactions and serve many modern innovations, such as self-driving cars that need high speed to use the information.

He said that reports showed that by 2030, 50% of the global national product will depend on digital output. He said that today, humans get information from machines, then make decisions and implement them, while in the future, machines will make decisions and humans will implement them. He said that Egypt has great competencies and capabilities to keep pace with any global development.

Mohamed Talaat, Vice President of Dell Technologies in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, and the Levant, said that Dell Technologies plays a key role in implementing national digital transformation projects in Egypt.

Talaat said that the company’s market share in Egypt reached 61.5% in storage services, 56% in servers, 34.9% in CSG products, and 49.9% in Notebooks.

He emphasized that the company’s investments in Egypt have not decreased at all, and the company continues to overcome all challenges with the same strength, continuity, and growth. He hoped for better economic conditions.

Talaat said that Dell Technologies is part of most of the national projects and digital transformation projects in Egypt. He said that with the private sector, the company works in the petroleum sector, most of the banks, and all telecommunications companies, as well as the education and higher education sectors.

He added that the company, through its partners, works on medium and small companies as well, as they are the most growing sectors.

Tarek Haiba, General Manager of Dell Technologies in Egypt and Libya, said that the company supports young people in several aspects. He mentioned the competitions that are offered to students from universities, which witness distinguished innovations. He said that the young people receive support and prizes, and maybe employment opportunities as well. He said that cooperation with universities takes place through the Ministry, but anyone within the university can participate according to the established regulations.

He stressed that Egypt absorbs activities from Dell Technologies in universities and that Dell Technologies materials are taught to professors in universities as well.

Regarding artificial intelligence, he said that infrastructure is the first thing that must be taken care of to benefit from artificial intelligence. He said that secondly, citizens must be prepared for this artificial intelligence because it is inevitable. He said that the infrastructure in Egypt needs more development, and citizens and specialists must be trained to lead artificial intelligence in Egypt.

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