Classera launches Smarter Schools initiative in Egypt to advance education

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Classera International launched the Smarter Schools initiative for its school partners in Egypt, after its successful launch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

The Classera platform, a global leader in the field of educational technology, is committed, through this initiative, to providing high-quality education and enabling schools to make the most of advanced educational technology.

Through its initiative, Classera provides the opportunity for every school looking to use and improve smart education technologies and save money at the same time, to join its partner network, and benefit from financial funding from Classera.

The Classera “Smarter Schools” initiative aims to prepare schools for digital transformation quickly, and for schools to implement the various technological solutions provided by Classera partners. 

The initiative also provides valuable offers and discounts provided by more than 18 partners. Among them are: Selah El Telmeez, Kutubi, Ynmo, Eduten, Cleverbox, Swigle, Oryx Learning, Vlaby, and other major educational technology service providers. 

In addition, schools participating in the initiative receive a special credit from Classera to be used when purchasing smart education technology solutions appropriate to students’ needs.

Classera is considered the largest company specialising in educational technology in the Middle East and Africa. It provides its services to millions of users in more than 35 countries worldwide. 

Director of Strategic Partnerships at Classera International, Mahmoud Al Jabri, said: “Through the Smarter Schools initiative, we look forward to achieving a real positive impact on the education process in Egypt. We are committed to providing high-quality education and enabling schools to make the most of advanced educational technology. Therefore, this initiative is part of our vision to improve the future of education and promote educational excellence in Egypt.”

Because teacher development is crucial to achieving educational excellence, the “Smarter Schools” initiative, through its participating partners, provides ongoing training and professional development programs for teachers. They learn how to implement the best educational methods and use technology effectively in the classroom.

Mohamed Nada, founder of the Vlaby platform, one of Classera’s partners, pointed out that the platform provides the first virtual science laboratories dedicated to school students according to the curricula prescribed for them, from primary to secondary levels, and is provided in 5 languages, and the student and teacher can take tests themselves through any device, at any time, from anywhere.

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