Egypt’s Health Ministry provides 160,000 services in all medical specialities, and family planning specialities

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Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar; announced the provision of 160,408 services, within the presidential initiatives and all medical, therapeutic, preventive and family planning specialities, through the “100 Health Days” campaign, on Friday, nationwide.

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesperson for the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population, stated that the services provided by the campaign included 6,441 services, as part of the president’s initiative to support women’s health – in the first visit – while the occasional and repeated visits amounted to 17,362 services.

He added that the “100 Health” campaign provided services of the president’s initiative for early detection and treatment of hearing impairment and loss in newborns, to 921 children, while providing 21,45 services, within the initiative for early detection and treatment of chronic diseases and renal impairment.

The spokesperson indicated that the campaign provided 281 services, within the initiative for maternal and fetal health, and 375 services for issuing certificates of the initiative to examine those about to get married, and treatment decisions were issued at state expense for 5,704 citizens.

Abdel Ghaffar said that the “100 Days of Health” campaign provided the services of the initiative to examine cancerous tumours by filling out 8,753 questionnaires, adding that the total number of visitors to the medical convoys amounted to 5,295 citizens.

He noted that the number of female beneficiaries of family planning clinics reached 12,525, home visits for rural women pioneers reached 27,635, and the rate of routine vaccinations for children reached 54,071 children.

Furthermore, Egypt’s “100 Health Days” campaign provided awareness and health education services to about 47,400 citizens, through community communication teams deployed in public areas, clubs and malls in the governorates, to raise awareness and direct citizens to receive the services of public health initiatives provided by the campaign.

Abdel Ghaffar called on all citizens to go to the headquarters of the campaign’s services, and the locations of the mobile clinics, to benefit from their services, or to request home visits for elderly patients and those unable to move, via the hotline “15335”.

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