11 killed, 37 injured in clashes in Palestinian refugee camp in S. Lebanon

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The armed clashes between members of the Palestinian Fatah Movement and Islamist militants in southern Lebanon intensified on Monday, increasing the death toll to 11 and the total injuries to 37, the Elnashra news website reported.

   Several armed clashes broke out in the Ain Al-Helweh camp in Lebanon’s southern city of Sidon between Fatah members and Islamist militants since early Sunday morning, leading to the killing of Abou Ashraf al-Armoushi, a Fatah military officer, three of his bodyguards, and several civilians while injuring others.

   The armed clashes also forced citizens to move to safe areas, said the report.

   Fathi Abu Al-Ardat, secretary of the Palestine Liberation Organization factions in Lebanon, met on Monday with the Palestinian ambassador to Lebanon and the head of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee to discuss the latest developments, it added.

   Al-Ardat emphasized the joint efforts of the Palestinian leaders in Lebanon “to overcome this dangerous and difficult stage and establish security and stability in the Palestinian camps.”

   He added that “the Lebanese government, in cooperation with the Palestinian side, will work firmly to end these anomalous phenomena.”

   Clashes between rival groups often occur in the Ain Al-Helweh camp, the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon.

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