Khazenly startup launches ‘Across-Borders’ to help Egyptian merchants expand abroad

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Khaznely, a leading company in the field of digital warehousing, processing and delivery services, has announced the launch of its latest service “Across Borders”, which provides Egyptian merchants with complete solutions to expand in new markets. The service provides full logistical support that includes shipping abroad, dealing with returns and all local supplies, in addition to providing all necessary certificates, documents and permits to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in cooperation with a group of local banks and electronic payment companies in line with the Egyptian state’s strategy to increase exports and foreign exchange.

The launch of the service from Khazenly comes within the framework of the company’s strategy to expand its business and push the e-commerce sector in Egypt, as the company provides integrated logistical solutions and services to merchants in order to help them develop their business. The service will have a significant impact on Egyptian exports, especially in the sectors of textiles, clothing, fashion, cosmetics, light, electronics and home supplies, which the company will focus on during the first phase of launching the service. This step is in line with Khazenly’s keenness on making Egyptian products available outside the local market, which can enhance their competitiveness and contribute to the growth of the Egyptian economy.

“We always aim to enable local merchants and manufacturers in Egypt to develop their business and commercial activities. Their success is our success, so we constantly strive to provide a range of innovative solutions that provide them with unprecedented growth opportunities. Therefore, we launched the “Across Borders” service, through which they can sell their products, complete all their commercial transactions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and be able to receive payments in foreign currency,” said Osama El-Gamaly, CCO and co-founder of Khaznely.

Explaining Khazenly’s vision, El Gamaly added: “We look forward to seeing this service grow Egyptian exports and the total proceeds of foreign exchange flows, which is in line with the priorities of the Egyptian government in the current period. We plan to expand the service to include more Gulf Cooperation Council countries in the first quarter of 2024, in addition to countries from North Africa in the future.”

He added that Khazenly provides local and international shipping services to merchants through plans that suit their different budgets and delivery requirements. The company also offers a range of services that help merchants develop their business, including shipping and storing cross-border goods, securing them and protecting them from any damage or loss, receiving and packing.

Moreover, Khazenly supports the Egyptian state’s direction towards digitizing all sectors and transactions in the e-commerce market, which is a promising market in Egypt and the region in light of the continuous technological development that creates a suitable environment for development. This is what drives the company to expand in the Middle East and Africa and enhance its role in advancing economic development.

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