Opinion| The Russian-Chinese summit and the new multilateral world

Hatem Sadek
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The Russian-Chinese summit can be considered an important step in the direction of strengthening the multipolar world, by strengthening the partnership between Russia and China in various fields such as economy, security, politics, science, technology, and energy.

After the Putin-Chinese summit in Moscow, it is expected that the bilateral relations between Russia and China will be strengthened, through the signing of a number of agreements and memorandums of understanding in various fields such as economy, trade, science, technology, energy, and security.

The summit discussed the current international situation and the challenges facing the two countries, especially with regard to relations with the United States and the European Union, and cooperation in international fields such as combating terrorism and achieving peace and security in the region.

This meeting comes in light of the challenges facing the two countries from the United States and other Western countries, which include economic sanctions and political pressures. By strengthening bilateral relations, Russia and China can enhance their position in international competition and various diplomatic challenges.

In general, it can be said that this meeting reflects the commitment of Russia and China to strengthening the bilateral strategic partnership between them and enhancing international cooperation in various fields, and also reflects a shift in international trends away from American hegemony and openness to multilateral international relations.

Through the strategic partnership between Russia and China, the two countries can enhance their position in the international system and achieve independence and influence in international decision-making. This type of cooperation between countries can encourage more balance and positive competition between different countries.

It is also likely that this partnership will lead to a shift in international trends so that the world will turn into a multipolar system instead of US hegemony and move towards new partnerships and alliances between countries.

However, we must know that this summit is not the only factor in achieving a multipolar world, as there are many other factors that affect the orientations of countries and international relations, such as international trade relations, economic competition, and security and political challenges. Thus, achieving a multilateral world requires more effort and cooperation between different countries.

Everyone believes that this summit can also contribute to controlling the pace of events that seem to be heading toward the possibility of a nuclear war, and this appeared clearly after Britain decided to supply Ukraine with depleted uranium ammunition.

The world is now more obsessed with nuclear war than ever before, especially if America and the West insist on defeating Russia in Ukraine. At this moment, there will be the choice of Samson, i.e. the destruction of the temple or the world, on everyone’s heads.

The incidence of nuclear war due to the conflict in Ukraine cannot be accurately predicted. Accurate estimates are difficult to obtain because the issue depends on many factors, including decisions and actions taken by the political and military leaders of the conflicting states, which can lead to escalation or de-escalation of conflicts.

However, nuclear war is one of the most frightening and dangerous scenarios that could occur in the event of an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. Since the conflict involves states with nuclear arsenals such as Russia, the danger posed by the use of nuclear weapons can be both very real and devastating.

In order to avoid this horrific scenario, the conflicting states and the international community must work closely to calm the conflicts and achieve peace in the region, through dialogue, negotiation, and work to find political and diplomatic solutions to the conflicts.

Dr. Hatem Sadek: Professor at Helwan University

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