Strong representation of women in TV series of Ramadan 2023

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More than 10 Egyptian actresses will play leading roles in the new TV series that will be aired during the holy month of Ramadan 2023. The female stars this year are Yousra, Mona Zaki, Menna Shalaby, Nelly Karim, Yasmine Abdelaziz, Rogina, Hanan Motawie, Reham Hajjaj, Dina El-Sherbiny, and Ruby. They have been familiar faces in the Ramadan season in recent years, enriching the TV industry as a whole. Other actresses will play important supportive roles beside leading actors, such as Mai Omar with Yasser Jalal; Aisha bin Ahmed with Tariq Lotfi; and Zina, Iman Al-Assi, and Menna Fadali with Mohamed Ramadan. 

Yousra – “1000 Hamdela Al Salama”

After her great success last year in “Happy Dreams” series, Egyptian veteran actress Yousra stars this year in “1000 Hamdela Al Salama” (Thank God for Safety) series. It was produced by Al-Adl Group, written by Mohamed Zulfiqar, and directed by Amr Salah. The series also stars Mohamed Tharwat, Shaima Seif, Mayan Al-Sayed, and Anaba. Yousra plays the role of Dr. Samiha Al-Suwaisi, a professor of mass media at a Canadian university in Europe, who returns to Egypt with her children to search for her missing mother-in-low.

Strong representation of women in TV series of Ramadan 2023

Mona Zaki – “Tahat El Wesaya”

Egyptian actress Mona Zaki will star this year in “Tahat El Wesaya” (Under Guardianship) series written by Khaled and Shereen Diab, and directed by Mohamed Shaker Khodeir. Nisreen Amin, Diab, Rushdi El Shami, Khaled Kamal co-star in the series. Mona plays the character of a widow who disguises herself as a man so that she can work in fishing and provide for her children. The series sheds the light on the suffering of families when husbands abandon them.    

Menna Shalaby – “Tajeeer Gao”

After her brilliance last year, Menna Shalaby returns with a new role in “Tajeer Gao” (Vacation) series in the Ramadan season. She plays the character of Sharifa, who faces several crises, especially that her mother’s suffering from psychological issues. Egyptian veteran actress Mervat Amin also plays the role of Sharifa’s aunt Zuzu. The series was written by Mona El-Shimi and directed by Maryam Abu Ouf.

Yasmine Abdelaziz – “Darb Nar”

Egyptian actress Yasmine Abdelaziz will star, along with her husband Ahmed Al-Awadi, in “Darb Nar” (Shooting) series, written by Nasser Abdel-Rahman and directed by Mostafa Fekry. Yasmine plays the character of a simple, brave girl from Shubra neighbourhood who deals with many problems. It is a thriller/action series.

Nelly Karim – “Umla Nadira”

After her controversial series “Faten Amal Harbi” last year, Nelly Karim returns this year with the new series “Umla Nadira” (Rare Coin). Egyptian actor Ahmed Eid will co-star in the series after a long absence. The cast also includes Egyptian veteran actor Kamal Aburia, Gamal Suleiman, Jumana Murad, Nada Moussa, and Mohamed Fahim. The series is written by Medhat El-Adl, directed by Mando El-Adl, and produced by El-Adl Group. The events of the series take place in Upper Egypt, where Nadira struggles with her husband’s family after his death, to get her son’s inheritance.

Strong representation of women in TV series of Ramadan 2023

Reham Hajjaj – Jamila

After her success for the fourth year in a row, especially in the series “U-turn”, Egyptian actress Reham Hajjaj stars in the new series “Jamila”. The series is written by Ayman Salama and directed by Sameh Abdelaziz. The cast includes Sawsan Badr, Yousra El Lozi, Hani Adel, Abeer Sabry, and Ahmed Wafik. Reham plays the role of Jamila Al-Alfi, a counsellor in the administrative prosecution, who gets involved in family conflicts because of her husband and his ex-wife.

Ruby – “Hadrat Al-Omda”

Egyptian singer and actress Ruby stars this year in the series “Hazrat Al-Omda” (Honourable Mayor), along with Egyptian veteran actress Samiha Ayoub, Wafaa Amer, Ahmed Badir, Salah Abdullah, Basma, Mahmoud Abdel-Moghni, Ihab Fahmy, Nahla Salama, Muhammad Al-Sawy, and Ahmed Rizk. The series is written by Ibrahim Issa, directed by Adel Adib, and produced by Raymond Makar and Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelaziz. Ruby plays the role of Safia Al-Fares, a professor of psychology at the American University, who returns to her home village “Tal Shaboura” to take over the position of the mayor and face opposing men.

Dina El-Sherbiny“Kamil El-Adad” 

Dina El-Sherbiny did not achieve success in her last year’s series “Al-Mishwar”, however she enters this Ramadan season with a new promising series “Kamil El-Adad”. The series takes place in a social and comedian framework. The cast includes Sherif Salama, Ahmed Kamal, and Aya Samaha. It was written by Yusr Taher and Rana Abu Al-Rish, and directed by Khaled Al-Halafawi. Dina plays the role of a divorced woman who has four children, two of whom are teens. The series discusses the problems a divorced woman can face in the society.

Hanan Motawie – “Wueud Sakhia”

Egyptian actress Hanan Motawie will star in the series “Wueud Sakhia” (Generous Promises). The cast includes Samah Anwar, Salah Abdullah, Abeer Sabry, Reem Al-Baroudi, and Nidal Al-Shafei. The series is written by Ahmed Sobhi and directed by Ahmed Hassan. On the other hand, Hanan also co-stars in the series “Seroh Al-Batea'” (His Supernatural Abilities), directed by Khaled Youssef.

Rogina – “Settohom” 

Egyptian actress Rogina will star in the series “Settohom” (Best Lady) in Ramadan. Rogina plays the role of a woman from Upper Egypt who endures many hardships that only the toughest men can bear. The series was written by Nasser Abdel Rahman and directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz. The cast includes Iyad Nassar, Bayoumi Fouad, Nancy Salah, Salwa Othman, Mohamed Abdel Hafez, and a large group of artists.

Mai Omar – Elaqa Mashrouaa 

Mai Omar will co-star with Yasser Galal in the series “Elaqa Mashrouaa”, which discusses marital disputes that force a man to marry another woman and the impact of that on his entire life. The series was written by Samah Al-Hariri and directed by Khaled Marei. The cast includes Basant Shawky, Dalia Mostafa, Murad Makram, Mimi Gamal, Yasmine Rahmi, and others.

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