Daily News Egypt to launch its 1st annual summit for most influential people & firms

Daily News Egypt
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Daily News Egypt will launch its first annual summit to celebrate the most influential people and firms in Egypt during 2022/23 to shed light on the deals, ideas and visions that made a difference in all fields.

DNE event will also provide a platform to listen to the leaders who challenged crises and overcame several obstacles. They will tell the story of how they became the most influential and difference-makers in their fields, and this is by honouring them and showcasing their experiences.

DNE will honour Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin, High-Level Climate Champion for COP27, Office of the UN Special Envoy on Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as the most influential personality of the year.

The event will include the most influential companies, leaders of Egyptian institutions, ideas, and personalities with an international presence. It will also witness the participation of government representatives, ambassadors, and international institutions in Egypt, as well as culture and thought makers, thought and opinion leaders, and technology developers whose opinions shape society and lead it to the future.

Therefore, discussion sessions under the theme “Leadership in Times of Crisis” will be held, in which several speakers will share their ideas and visions, and how to implement them in these difficult times.

Daily News Egypt has become the most favourable newspaper among the country’s elites, thinkers, politicians, and economists. Over the past 17 years, which is the age of the paper, Daily News Egypt has succeeded in setting new standards in the Egyptian press market.

It presented a model that is now followed by many in the market, through the credibility it built in its reporting. This credibility springs from the separation between its editorial line and advertising in the newspaper, as well as its impartiality in delivering news and information, without any bias in favour of any particular trend or current.

That’s why Daily News Egypt will shed light on success stories in Egypt, at a time when people are looking for inspiration.

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