EGP 8.7bn directed to 414 projects in Sharkeya: Minister of Planning

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The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development reviewed the features of the Citizen’s Plan for Sharkeya governorate for fiscal year 2022/23.

Hala El-Said, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, confirmed that the launch of the “Citizen’s Plan” reflects the state’s keenness to involve citizens in the efforts made to develop the planning and follow-up systems, with the aim of achieving sustainable and comprehensive development, and in a way that contributes to addressing developmental gaps between the various governorates, and the localization of sustainable development goals and in order to achieve the 17th goal of the global sustainable development goals, “partnerships to achieve the goals”, stressing that the citizen is the real pivot of development, and therefore the need to empower them and provide them with data on the development programs and projects that the country is implementing.

She added that all development plans adopted by the state aim to improve the quality of life of citizens, and that this will not be achieved without active community participation, in line with “Egypt’s Vision 2030,” pointing out that the Ministry of Planning has taken many steps during the past period aimed at enhancing transparency and accountability and emphasizing on The importance of citizen participation in planning and follow-up.

Regarding the citizen’s investment plan in Sharkeya, El-Said explained that the number of development projects in the governorate reaches 414 projects, and that the value of public investments directed to Sharkeya in the 2022/23 plan amounts to EGP 8.7bn with a growth rate of 8.75% compared to the 2021/22 plan.

With regard to the sectoral distribution of targeted public investments in Sharkeya in the 2022/23 plan, the report of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development indicated that investments amounting to EGP 4.6bn were directed to the housing sector at a rate of 53%, followed by the local development sector at a value of EGP 1.1bn at a rate of 12.6%. The sector of higher education and scientific research is allocated to EGP 1bn, or 11.5%, then pre-university education, with investments amounting to EGP 634m, or 7.2%, then the transport sector, with investments amounting to EGP 381m, or 4.4%, and other sectors in the governorate have investments worth EGP 985m by 11.3%.

The report indicated that the number of villages targeted in the first phase of the “Decent Life” initiative reached 41 villages, and the number of beneficiaries reached 418,000 people. The most important projects include the establishment of 10 agriculture services centres, 7 ambulance stations, 61 clinics, 608 classrooms, and 59 schools, in addition to the establishment of 2 family development centres, 20 drinking water stations, 41 sanitation projects, 10 treatment plants, 26 residential buildings for vulnerable families, 7 social units, as well as the deployment of 80 mobile network towers, 37 youth centres, 10 government service complexes, 20 post offices, and 4 police stations.

The report referred to the most crucial development goals in the housing sector in Sharkeya in the 2022/23 plan, which is represented in directing EGP 2.9bn for the national program for social housing in the governorate, in addition to directing about EGP 1.1bn for drinking and sanitation services, for 70 projects. In the local development sector, the number of development projects amounts to 241 projects. The most important development goals in this sector are paving local roads at about EGP 342m and directing EGP 25.4m to strengthen the electricity networks.

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