Minister of Supply harshly criticised in parliament over high commodity prices

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The Tuesday plenary session of the House of Representatives witnessed intensive discussion between members of Parliament and Minister of Supply Ali Al-Moselhi,


The minister was under criticism by the Parliament to the extent that he asked the parliament speaker Hanafi Al-Jabali to remove him from office.


Alaa Abed, head of the transport and communications committee in the House of Representatives, called on Al-Moselhi to present a clear plan for providing basic commodities and controlling markets during the coming period, warning of an exacerbation of the crisis in 2023.


He expressed his concern about food security, referring to a World Bank report on food security, adding: “It worries me that we talk about food. There is a great concern, although we are not among the top 10 countries, but we are the first and largest importer of wheat.”


He demanded to know the ministry’s strategy for what is to come, saying: “I say from the House of Representatives, no one thinks the coming is easy, not only in Egypt, but the whole world.”

He continued, “In order to be clear with the people, they brought us to the parliament, telling us that the rice costs EGP 20 or EGP 15.”


MP Nafie Abdel-Hadi demanded the dismissal or resignation of the Minister of Supply, Ali Al-Moselhi, saying: The ministry handed over the Egyptian people to greedy merchants.


The member accused the Ministry of Supply of maximising the role of monopolists and not playing its role in controlling prices in the markets, adding: The high prices exceeded the limit and imagination. Where is the role of the ministry?


Member Ali Badr confirmed that Egypt is facing a global crisis, saying: There is a problem in traditional censorship, and we need to have modern censorship to confront those who hide goods.

Meanwhile, MP Mohamed Naguib Khaled said there is no rice in the market, and people do not know how to get dinner.

Khaled called for an end to the problem of high prices, saying: There is a need for an end to prices, and control over the distribution of subsidies, especially the weights of bread and gas.


Hisham Hussein, a member of the House of Representatives, criticised the great disturbances in the gold market in Egypt, in contrast to international prices.

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