Health Minister inaugurates 74th International Conference of the Egyptian Orthopedic Society

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Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population Khaled Abdel Ghaffar witnessed the opening activities of the 74th International Conference of the Egyptian Orthopedic Society, which is running until 8 December.

According to a statement by the ministry, the minister stressed the importance of the annual conference of the Egyptian Orthopaedic Society, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious scientific societies in the Arab region.

The minister also appreciated the association’s efforts for its continuous success in holding the conference over the past decades, as the conference is the largest event in the field of orthopaedic surgery in Africa and the Arab world, explaining that the association is the great home for all orthopaedic surgeons in Egypt, the Arab world, and Africa.

He also stressed the importance of the active participation of young doctors in the conference to benefit from the scientific expertise of the expatriates participating in the event from different countries through lectures, scientific sessions, and workshops that are held during the conference activities.

Furthermore, Abdel Ghaffar stressed the keenness of the Egyptian state through scientific institutions to continue training and educating doctors in various specialities, noting that Egypt has accumulated experience over time in orthopaedic medicine through the Egyptian fellowship or the various training programmes offered by the ministry.

Finally, the minister drew attention to the importance of recommendations from the conference on establishing rules for measures to prevent diseases that lead to bone deformities, especially for children.

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