Vodafone Egypt is contributing to Egypt’s 2030 Vision for Sustainable Development: External affairs director

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Vodafone Egypt is working on employing technology to achieve sustainable development in line with Egypt’s 2030 Vision, according to Ayman Essam — Vodafone Egypt’s External affairs director.

He added that the company aims to employ modern technologies for the agricultural sector to save 18 bcm of water.

Essam also revealed to Daily News Egypt that Vodafone recycled 100% of the company’s networks and is using AI techniques in the company’s data centres to save 10% of the energy used.

Furthermore, he said that — as the strategic communications partner for the UN Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP27) — the company will be providing free internet services on the buses transporting guests throughout the conference, as well as providing mobile lines for official and unofficial delegations.

The company will also link visitors to communication services in different halls in both the blue and green zones.

Essam also asserted that the company has many good experiences in development sectors, such as the agricultural sector.

“Our digital networks and services play a key role in enabling the sector to become more productive and sustainable through a set of technological solutions that control rationalisation of consumption, facilitate many productive steps for farmers, save time and energy, and increase production,” he said.

“By integrating communications and IT based on smart solutions, in addition to providing energy sources and rationalising their consumption, we seek to implement more efficient agricultural and food systems with a focus on digital literacy for farmers, and developing their digital capabilities to achieve digital economic empowerment and transform the agricultural community into a digital society.”

He also said that by using Vodafone’s digital solutions, the company seeks to support the agriculture and irrigation sector in providing more than 18 bcm of water and contribute to supporting the system through technological irrigation solutions — whether drip or sprinkler systems — which would save 30% of irrigation water, 10% of fertilisers, and about 20% of energy, along with improving productivity by up to about 30%.

He also said that within the framework of the cooperation between Vodafone and the Ministry of Environment to support national plans for rationalisation and efficiency of energy use, Vodafone was the first company to support the E-Tadweer initiative to benefit from the company’s technological expertise at work and to supervise the implementation of the electronic application.

The initiative entailed availing some of the company’s branches to collect e-waste and educate citizens on how to dispose of their e-waste in a safe manner.

“We recycle our network by 100%. We also use AI applications to improve renewable energy in data centres and network stations, which saved 10% of energy consumption, in addition to the use of smart technologies and solutions to provide the rate of fuel consumption for tower generators, which resulted in reducing our energy consumption by 30%,” he said.

“Our presence in the conference as a strategic communications partner for the conference gave us the opportunity — as the only mobile operator — to provide advanced communications services to connect the conference and its visitors in all halls in the blue and green regions, relying on the latest communications services and digital networks, in addition to providing a special customer service line for the COP27 to inquire about everything related to the conference and support the attendees,” he explained.

This is in addition to providing customer service to all visitors in the blue and green areas to display all the company’s products and explain the technological solutions offered by the company.

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