Water, Environment Ministers discuss outcomes of coastal adaptation to climate change 

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On the sidelines of the fifth edition of the Cairo Water Week, the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Hany Sweilam, participated in a session on “Promoting Adaptation to Climate Change in the North Coast and Nile Delta in Egypt”, in participation of Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad.  

The project is funded by the Egyptian Government and the Green Climate Fund and implemented by the UNDP with the aim of achieving adaptation to the effects of climate change in the coastal zone along the Mediterranean Sea.

In his speech, Sweilam explained that climate change has become a reality, with clear effects on water resources, and a negative impact on coastal areas as a result of the inundation of low-lying areas and a decrease in the productivity of agricultural lands in coastal areas, which led to an urgent need to adapt to those effects. 

He added that the Egyptian state has made many efforts in this field to adapt to climatic changes in the coastal region of the Mediterranean in the medium and long term.

He further pointed out the distinction of this project in the use of low-cost solutions from the nature surrounding the project, while relying on the support of the surrounding community that participates in the implementation of the project.


The project includes the development of an integrated management plan for coastal areas with a length of 1,100 km that takes into account the various activities in the region and paves the way for achieving sustainable development along the Mediterranean Sea.

Sweilam explained that this project provides a successful example of what real work on the ground means to adapt to climate changes and serve and protect citizens, especially in light of the current international momentum accompanying the fifth Cairo Water Week and the upcoming COP27 climate conference.

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